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​What is delfino?

delfino is based on the concept of "Aiming for zero infection"

Photocatalyst (titanium oxide), antibacterial catalyst (silver), three-way catalyst (platinum), etc.

By combining them, while synergistically exerting the effects of each catalytic reaction

It is an antibacterial and deodorant with the idea of compensating for each weakness.

Products born in the medical field

There was a request from an anatomical doctor and a technologist who were always worried about the risk of infection from the body due to judicial dissection etc.

In a form that responds to "safety, security, simplicity, and sustainability,"

It was born as an antibacterial and deodorant.

Professionals at the forefront of medical practice, such as forensic rooms, police morgues, funeral companies, and disaster scenes, are always at risk of bacterial infection.

Initially, delfino was used in the forensics room.

It is necessary to deal with various infection risks at the site of judicial dissection conducted to investigate the cause of death from the body. Gradually, delfino has come to be used in police morgues, funeral companies, and antibacterial coatings in ambulances.

Delfino products with high antibacterial properties have been introduced to protect medical personnel and related persons from bacteria and viruses that adhere to the body.


New technology combining three types of catalytic reactions

The mechanism of delfino is "antibacterial by particulate catalyst". By using multiple catalysts with different reactions in combination, interaction and complementary action work, and more powerful "antibacterial" is realized.

It is a product born from a completely new idea that it exerts antibacterial properties without causing fear of drug-resistant bacteria by catalytic reaction that decomposes organic substances into inorganic substances by causing different antibacterial/detoxifying actions such as oxidation and reduction.

Taking advantage of this feature, the "delfino" series is a series of products that can be used in various fields.

Trust and safety

Delfino is an antibacterial agent that has cleared SIAA (Antibacterial Product Technology Association) standards in antibacterial performance and safety.

The main component (silver + photocatalyst) has passed the safety test by SIAA (Technical Council for Antibacterial Products) and has high safety in terms of acute oral toxicity, temporary skin irritation, mutagenicity, skin sensitization, etc. Proud of

The antibacterial and antifungal agents used are those that have confirmed the following safety tests.

  • Acute oral toxicity: Harmful when swallowed

  • Irritation to the skin: irritation when touched for a long time

  • Mutagenicity...Effect on genes (DNA)

  • Skin sensitization...allergy


In delfino

Effective against two types of viruses

​Envelope virus

Viruses for which alcohol is effective

Representative virus

  • Influenza virus

  • Herpes virus

  • Rubella virus

  • Hepatitis B and C viruses

  • AIDS virus

Non-enveloped virus

Strong against alcohol,

Viruses for which common alcohol preparations are difficult to work

​Typical viruses

  • Norovirus

  • Rotavirus

  • Polio virus

  • Adenovirus

​*About new coronavirus

​Delfino has not been tested with the new coronavirus, but since the new coronavirus is an enveloped virus, disinfection with alcohol is effective, and similarly, the antibacterial effect of Delfino can be obtained. thinking about.

Introduction example

Delfino can be used in various places such as offices, factories, and government offices.

It can also be used for the following purposes.

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