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Making a safe future with antibacterial

Not increase the bacteria "antibacterial"

Benefits are sustained.

In the case of delfino from use

The effect lasts about 1 year

(The period may be shorter depending on the required accuracy).

Where the carrier was touching

Because it ’s almost impossible to keep monitoring

Effective for antibacterial effect as a whole space such as a room.

アセット 3.png
アセット 2.png

"Disinfection" to reduce bacteria

The merit is instantaneous power,

You can immediately remove the bacteria you want to remove.

However, if you do not work each time, the effect will not last,

There is a demerit that it is necessary to take pinpoint measures in the presence of viruses and bacteria.

In other words, the carrier touches somewhere,

There is a risk of transmission until the bacteria are removed.

What is a good antibacterial agent ?

1. Have an antibacterial effect that meets SIAA standards

2. That meet the criteria of SIAA safety (to human safety) have been collateral

*SIAA (Antibacterial Product Technology Competition): A group formed by related manufacturers and testing organizations for the purpose of popularizing appropriate and reliable antibacterial and antifungal processed products. We have established rules regarding quality and safety, and allow the marking of products that comply with the rules as a safety mark.

Two large to antibacterial agents

01 Organic

02 Inorganic

Some of the organic antibacterial agents may have effects on the human body,

Even if the standards cannot be met for safety performance...
In some cases, adhesiveness is used to maintain stickiness,

If you do not apply it on a hard place, you cannot respond

In some cases, it cannot be applied to cloth.

​Delfino is an inorganic material so you can rest assured you can use

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